What to Wear

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Teacher #116985


Mini – Pink tights with a leotard or dance dress.  Capezio Hanami light pink Ballet shoes.

Petite I, Petite II, Junior, Intermediate, Advanced – Female dancers are required to wear pink tights, black leotard, and Capezio Hanami light pink Ballet shoes.  Hair should be in a bun.

Male Dancers are required to wear black shorts, white t-shirt, and Black Ballet Shoes.


Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes (Must be approved by Miss Hilary)


Mini, Petite I, Petite II –  Capezio Mary Jane Tap shoes in black patent leather

Junior, Intermediate, Advanced –  Capezio Flex Master Tap shoes in Black


Mini – Barefoot

Petite I, II, Junior – Bloch Pulse Jazz shoes in tan

Intermediate, Advanced – Bloch Pulse Jazz shoes in tan

LTL (Leaps/Turns/Legs)

Petite -Block Pulse Jazz shoes in tan

Junior, Intermediate, Advanced – Body Wrappers leather 1/2 shoes in tan


All Levels – Body Wrappers leather 1/2 shoes

Hip Hop

All Levels – Shoes that are ONLY worn in the studio with non-marking soles

Ballet/Tap Combo

Capezio Hanami light pink Ballet shoes, Capezio Mary Jane tap shoes in black patent leather

*Dance Class

Bloch 401 Jazz shoes in Tan