Class Descriptions


Ballet:  Dancers learn Ballet terminology, technique, balance, grace, and control.  Ballet is the underlying strength for all dancers.

Ballet Technique:  These classes are for the Ballet dancer at the Junior, Intermediate, or Advanced level and are an hour and fifteen minutes in length and are offered Tuesday and Thursday.

*Ballet is the foundation for all other types of dance.  To excel in other styles of dance Ballet is necessary.  Although it is not required to enroll in ballet while studying other dance styles it is highly recommended.   

Pointe:  For the dancer training on Pointe shoes.  Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet Technique.

Tap:  Teaches basic rhythms, coordination, and tap technique.

Jazz:  Dancers will learn stylized Jazz movements such as balance, agility, flexibility, turns, leaps, quickness of movement, and Jazz technique.

LTL (Leaps, Turns & Legs): Essential for the serious dancers’ technique.   Focus is on the technique of leaps and turns and flexibility.

Lyrical/Contemporary:  Dancers are given a specific element or “challenge” during their class encouraging different aspects of movement, choreography, and self-confidence.

Hip Hop:  Dancers learn a street styled Hip Hop.  We suggest that you take Jazz class and add Hip Hop.

Ballet/Tap Combo:  For young dancers to learn the basics in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.

Acro Dance:  A blend of dance a acrobatic skills.

*Dance Class:  Mixed ability class for dancers ages 7 & up that excel in slower paced learning environment with mild to moderate physical conditions. Students will learn the technical basics of dance at a pace and in an environment structured for success.



*Ages are approximant and placement is at the discretion of the instructor/director. 

Mini: Ages 3-4 (pre-kindergarten)

Petite I:  Ages 5-6 (Kindergarten-1st grade)

Petite II:  Ages 7-8 (2nd and 3rd grade)

Junior Ages 9-11 (4th and 5th grade)

Intermediate Ages 11-13 (Middle School)

Advanced 14 & up (High School)